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motor installation services

Is the motor of your garage door which you have been using for a long time giving you problem? Or do you think the problem is about the outdated remote control and that it functions only when the controls are pressed over and again? Then if your answer is affirmative, then we are at Garage Door Repair, Long Beach in New York and can of help to you. We will ensure that the function of the motor is very smooth just like a brand new one. We will do this by replacing the aspects that are faulty and carry out some basic maintenance.

In other word, if you do not want repair but replacement of the motor, then we can assist you in the new motor installation new door installation. We promise to install new motor and make it work perfectly with the garage door. If you truly want to engage us to rectify any problem in your garage door, then you need to contact us immediately through our website or come to our office directly. We are dedicated to your job as just of old. Our available discount is superb and even tempting, such that you cannot find it elsewhere but only in Long Beach garage Door Repair, NY